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Frameless Shower Doors in Sacramento

Update your home with a new frameless glass shower door, bathtub shower doors, custom glass shower doors or a neo angle shower door.
 We have constructed many different custom shower enclosures and glass shower doors in our past, so get rid of that old shower curtain and give a more contemporary open look to your shower space.

The American Heavy Glass:
 Our heavy glass is 3/8"and 1/2". and comes in an incredibly wide selection of beautiful styles and innovative designs allowing your custom glass shower doors to maximize the lighting and open up the space.
 We bring the sophistication, expertise and functionality to any home. The all glass look with polished edges gives our shower doors that unmistakable look of exquisite taste and superior quality.

Beauty, Elegance, Extraordinary:
A beautiful frameless glass shower door is the centerpiece of any bathroom. As we all know there is a shower in every home so open your mind to what yours could be. Also
remember we have the shower door hardware that will match any décor that is already there. Look through our gallery and imagine the possibilities, then give us a call.

Tempered safety Glass:  is a type of safety glass used in the application of glass shower doors and surrounding areas to the shower enclosure such as a window and glass shelving. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger then standard glass and does not pose a danger if it breaks. Tempered  glass is brittle so if it does shatter it is in small pieces and is not dangerous, Making your frameless shower door safe as well as functional. 

                                                               "Clearly The Choice Reflecting Perfection"